Unable to get Chevelle Tickets – Computicket/Hilltop Live bugger up

Social networks are abuzz with complaints of people not being able to get themselves the Chevelle tickets they have been desperately awaiting.

The tickets were supposed to be available at 9am 3 April 2013, aka today. At 9:10am there was still no sign of it.
While typing this post I was on the line to computicket who confirmed the JHB tickets were now available but not Cape Town as yet… They couldn’t tell me when Cape Town would be up.

Well a bit of drama, but I’m sure it will all be resolved shortly. Lately Computicket really hasn’t been doing themselves any favours, with the lack of support and cock ups like these. It’s a wonder why organizers don’t use other providers such as ticketweb etc who I have never had a problem with.

Here is the event link so far

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