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Rocking The Daisies – Main Stage Line Up so far

12:00          TBC
13:00          TBC
14:05          TBC
15:10          TBC
16:15          Beach Party
17:20         Shortstraw
18:25          Hot Water
19:30          Gangs of Ballet
20:40          Goodluck
21:45          The Dirty Skirts
23:05          PHFat
00:25          Kidofdoom


09:00          TBC
10:00          TBC
11:05          Nomadic Orchestra
12:10          Al Bairre
13:15          TBC
14:20         The Plastics
15:25         Woodstock Mafia
16:30         Hog Hoggidy Hog
17:35         Desmond & The Tutus
18:55         Spoek
20:30         Alt-J
22:00         The Hives
23:45         Skunk Anansie


09:00         TBC
10:00         TBC
11:00          TBC
12:00         TBC

 For more information head on over to http://rockingthedaisies.com
Or check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rockingthedaisiesfestival


Rocking the Daisies – International Acts confirmed

RIGHT… so as the title says, R0cking the Daisies have confirmed their list of international acts, set to play at this years festival.

Who are they you ask?

Here goes:

Alt – J
Skunk Anansie
The Hives

Yes you got it, don’t look so shocked, local festivals have been upping their game over the last few years, its great to see more international artists gracing our epic shores to play for a relatively small South African fan base. All the same lets get behind the organisers and support their efforts.

Go buy your tickets today at  www.rockingthedaisies.com don’t delay!