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Converse Africa – Get Dirty, 8 June 2013

Johannesburg, South Africa (20 May, 2013) ­ Converse Africa announces Get Dirty – inspired by the Converse seasonal brand expression shoes keep it clean, sneakers get dirty, the new music event, get dirty, celebrates the uncompromising mind-set of throwing yourself in headfirst and resurfacing with the marks and scuffs that prove it.

The extensive line-up includes Shadowclub, 2013 SAMA winning Zebra & Giraffe, Reason, Vigilante, Blk Jks, Vetkuk vs Mahoota and many more.

Fans will witness an unrivalled live music experience at one of South Africa’s most noteworthy locations, Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown, Johannesburg, all for a mere R50.

For more information on the get dirty artist schedule, locations and ticket access please visit www.converse-sa.co.za or follow @converse_ africa on twitter.




Rise & Shine – What you missed

So I missed the yoga, but I made it just in time to see the end of Phoenix Smith’s set.

There weren’t as many people as I expected to see, but it was still early. First things first, I got myself a nice wet soft drink, found a log, sat down and started observing.

The food. How could I carry on with this waffling without mentioning the food on offer. We had a selection of about four or five different food stalls, offering everything from curries to sandwiches to Thai food, all of which were carefully picked by the organisers to ensure that you didn’t go hungry. I still think they should have allowed picnic baskets in…

These sort of events are great for people watching. It’s beautiful to see such a diverse crowd of people gathered in one place, especially when they’re here to support local music. The line-up could have attributed to that diversity, considering the vast differences between acts like Shotgun Tori, Chiba Fly, Yo Grapes, Nakhane Toure, Jeremy Loops and Shadowclub to name just a few.

The sun was bearing down on us in full force. The shaded areas were mostly full. I can imagine the bar must have done incredibly well. Naturally, as the day progressed, the sun – as well as the shade – moved. A lot. The heat did not dampen anyone’s spirit though, as the good vibes kept on coming. The music changed pace and the crowds got a little more involved, but still they hid in the shade, trying to escape the inevitable. Until Jeremy Loops came on stage.

There were a few acts who didn’t quite appeal to me personally, but that’s not to say the talent isn’t there. We have so many amazing artists in JHB and the country, and it’s so great to see them peddling their wares as often as the opportunity arises.

Unfortunately, by 16:30, not only were my camera batteries at less than 10%, but so was my energy level. The sun had taken its toll. I should really heed Baz Luhrmann’s advice. Wear sunscreen.

Let’s do it again soon, shall we??

Matt ‘Flash’ Williams

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Live The Venue ~ Visited and Re-visited

Okay, so its been a while since i posted and even longer since i spoke about Live, the venue.
Last time I hadnt yet had the chance to get there. but have since been twice.

Excuse the photo quality, all photos were taken with my phone.
First time out was for City Bowl Mizers video shoot gig. Rad gig, quite packed, I believe entrance was limited to 400 or so people for safety regulations sake, none the less it was packed.  Continue reading Live The Venue ~ Visited and Re-visited