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Durban Night – Live the Venue

Upcoming Durban gig, something worth getting your asses too.
For deets check out https://www.facebook.com/events/1432345470311538/



Veranda Panda
Fruits & Veggies
Black Math
The Trees
The K-Bomb
Dj Bhashkar


R60 first 100 tickets
R80 presale
R120 at the door.



Lola Malone

Live – Another look

So we dragged ourselves through to Live again, in the pissing rain… Why? to catch Asleep in Transit, Black Math, Catlike Thieves and The Plastics of course.
Not much to say on arrival, was quite a slow start to say the least, but it is Durban after all, a bit of water from the heavens and everyone stays at home.

Asleep in Transit

First band kicked off at 21:30 by that time the place had started to fill up nicely. First band was Asleep in Transit, must say they put on quite a rad performance, followed by the ever popular Catlike thieves, these guys always seem to have a good little crowd on there feet moving to the music. Shane, if you read this, you’re still a ‘toti boy, don’t come with this durban kak right.

3rd on the lineup was Black Math, well I had never heard them before, and don’t think I’ll be in a hurry to watch them again, they seemed to have a good general sound, but clearly they hadn’t learnt what lyrics are yet, maybe they’ll get around to putting some words to their melodies, which may make the noise a little more appealing.

Catlike Thieves
Catlike Thieves

Lastly, the band I was there to see, The Plastics… before we go on here’s a little info about the band

The Plastics
The Plastics

The Plastics started in late 2007 when the Righini brothers decided to expand their old punk band HOAX, and reform it with a fresh take on music. Having been constricted for too long by boundaries and bursting with new ideas that wouldn’t fit into any mould, they set about creating The Plastics. Soon after they started this endeavour, classically trained guitarist Karl Rohloff joined the band on bass and Arjuna Kohlstock on lead guitar to create the retro blend of bluesy indie, disco-punk sound that is known as The Plastics today.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay for more than 2 of their songs, They only hit the stage at a little before midnight. What I heard was good, and the crowd seemed to be saving themselves for when this band to entertain them.

The Plastics
The Plastics

One thing that still hasn’t changed… the bar service at Live is TERRIBLE, I have always said this and have always had a problem with it. Really something that needs to be sorted out.
Apart from that its still the best Live Music venue in Durban so PLEASE do everyone a favour and head over to http://www.livethevenue.co.za/index.php/promotions and sign the petition, we can’t afford to lose such a rad place.

Crowd VIbes
Crowd VIbes

photo credit: http://www.geecee.co.za

Living Things – Linkin Park in South Africa

Big Concerts and Warner Brothers Records have announced that Grammy-winning rockers Linkin Park will be coming to South Africa.

The 6 piece band, fronted by Chester Bennington will be heading to South Africa to perform later on this year.

Dates released are:
Cape Town Stadium on 7 November 2012.
Soccer City Complex, FNB Stadium in Johannesburg on 10 November 2012.

Tickets go on sale to the public on Thursday 26 July for the Johannesburg show and then on Friday 27 July for Cape Town show from Computicket.

Seating arrangements:

Lady Gaga in SA

Clearly not a very well kept secret, the rumours of Lady Gaga coming to South Africa where going wild over social media, hitting a high point recently. When BIG concerts announced that there would be a BIG reveal on Monday, 18 June, the twitterverse went crazy with the rumours of Gaga’s tour.  Continue reading Lady Gaga in SA

Live The Venue ~ Visited and Re-visited

Okay, so its been a while since i posted and even longer since i spoke about Live, the venue.
Last time I hadnt yet had the chance to get there. but have since been twice.

Excuse the photo quality, all photos were taken with my phone.
First time out was for City Bowl Mizers video shoot gig. Rad gig, quite packed, I believe entrance was limited to 400 or so people for safety regulations sake, none the less it was packed.  Continue reading Live The Venue ~ Visited and Re-visited