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Colour Festival Durban 2013 – Photos

Durban’s first colour festival took place on Saturday 6 April 2013… I arrived a little late, and completely underestimated the traffic coming in towards Gateway. Arriving just before the scheduled first Colour Throw, I scrambled to get my camera ‘dustproofed’, a few plastic bags, some insulation tape and a bit of duct tape, that was as good as it was going to get.

I managed to get through to the main area just as the throw happened, but wasn’t quite ready to get the shots. None the less this wasn’t a big deal. There was a colour throw planned every hour on the hour and there was plenty powder getting given out to the masses, definitely no shortage there.

Music wise, I must admit, its not my typical scene, I’m not particularly fond of the general stereotypical people that go to these events. Thankfully though this was a very mixed crowd, with people from all walks of life, young and old, that came to get covered in colourful powder. The venue was packed, I haven’t attended an event at Wavehouse that had seen so many people in that area, which was an awesome sight.

I must comment, however that people in Durban clearly don’t understand the concept, there was little unison when it came to throwing the powder up all at the same time. It seemed to happen in smaller groups. With the majority of people just throwing it directly at there friends.

The bar areas were inadequate in my opinion, I didn’t even bother trying to get a drink, I think there were about 4 or 5 separate bar areas available and they were all overflowing with the 6000+ colour festival attendees.
Lets not forget the bathrooms, I don’t know if it was from the powder itself, or the packets the powder came in, but all the basins were blocked, and overflowing, spilling a brown liquid all over the place. The cleaning staff were clearing the area throughout the event, but not being very considerate, splashing this dirty water all over any unsuspecting person that walked into the restroom.

All in all the event was as expected, a lot of colourful mess, with some awesome DJ’s that kept the crowd moving the duration of the event. The general feeling seemed as if the majority enjoyed the event and enjoyed getting colourful.

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Durban Colour Festival

Coming to Durban 6th April 2013

In the spirit of Madiba’s vision of a rainbow nation – we present “The Colour Festival Durban”, an electronic dance music party that incorporates the element of colour powders from the legendary Holi festival combined with a stellar line-up of local and international deejays.

Originally emanating from India, colour festivals have taken the world by storm and successfully spread to countries like Singapore, Germany, the USA, with Spain, France, Switzerland and many others currently planning to host their own.

This non–religious event set on African soil makes it a truly amazing melting pot of cultures. Featuring a line-up of broad of cross-over artists, the event promises to cater to multiple tastes and get the whole city dancing in a bright display of colour.

Let´s celebrate the diversity of KwaZulu Natal and indeed the city of Durban, with all of the passion and flare that makes this a truly unique South African city. Let’s show the rest of the country, and the world, how we celebrate ourselves in Durban.

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Line Up

featuring: The Big Bad Wolf (MC)

12H30 – 13H00: DJ Competition Winner (TBC)
13H00 – 14H00: Warren G B2B Ameeth Shah
14H00 – 15H00: Dums
15H00 – 15H50: Ryan The DJ (5FM)
15H50 – 16H40: Spindoctor
16H40 – 17H30: Coco Loco
17H30 – 18H30: Deon G (ECR)
18H30 – 19H30: Dino Bravo (5FM)
19H30 – 20H30: Grimehouse
20H30 – 21H30: Pascal & Pearce
21H30 – 22H30: Dirty Herz
22H30 – 23H30: Tyronne Scott B2B SK9


Check out this video for what to expect

Tickets on sale online and at WAKABERRY STORES in DURBAN! All Standard Tickets sold through Wakaberry Retail outlets Include (2) Packets of Colour Powder of your choice, given to you on entry to the Festival; 6th April, 2013 with proof of and / or original purchased ticket.

STANDARD TICKETS: R190 pp. Includes 2 packets of colour powder of your choice.
PREMIUM TICKETS R260 pp. Included 2 packets of colour powder of your choice, and the official “Color Festival Durban” T-shirt in your size (as long as stock lasts.)
COMMUNITY TICKET R235 pp. Including 2 packets of colour powder of your choice. For every two community tickets sold, the organizers will contribute and additional R45, and allow someone less fortunate to attend the festival for the cost of only a R45 tickets.

RAMfest Durban – Epic

After first hearing Rise Against was due to play at RAMfest we were more than excited to see them live. The months ticked by and I must admit my excitement waned a little, until about a week before the event. The excitement grew everyday, the best part knowing that I’d also have the privilege to cover this event and take some photos of Bring Me the Horizon and of course Rise Against.

I got there just after Low Profile had played, not planned, but just that’s when I could get there, tried to sign in with my media pass, oh dear name not on the list, a quick chat to the organisers and that was soon cleared up and I had my elusive media pass, ready to capture the evening.

I was relatively impressed with the turn out, Durban is synonymous with poor crowd turnout and well this was one of the better supported local rock events I have been too, I’d still like to see that crowd double by next year, it really would make Durban more attractive to event organisers and artists for that matter.

First band I got to see was Pestroy and as could be expected, they were awesome, couldn’t fault them and they certainly had the crowd going, I really should have turned the camera around and taken some photos of the crowd going nuts so early on in the night. Definitely seemed to have a solid following here amongst the Durban crowd.

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Excitement growing as we talk amongst friends and have a few beers, thank goodness they didn’t have a separate cordoned off area for the bar. Glad to be able to have a beer in the crowd something I missed at a few earlier Wavehouse events that have happened over the years. Nice and much needed improvement.

Following a short break Bring Me the Horizon came to the stage, I cant say I had heard much of their music before but I did do a little youtube re-con before the event to get a taste of what they had to offer. Straight into their set, crowd going crazy, they made the mark and sounded insane. Brought back memories of old Burn back in the day, moshing in the crowd and having R1 shooters. From what I could tell they followed the same Set-list as JHB. Saw a few people get up and trying to get some crowd surfing going, heard some guy fell on his nut but soon rejoined the madness holding his head.

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Another interlude, time to reflect on BMTH, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed them and what they brought to RAMfest 2013. I found the time to go check out the Monster Energy area, grabbed myself a monster and relaxed with a few other guests, everyone very upbeat after the BMTH set.

Headed back down to the event area, Monster in hand just in time for the start of Rise Against’s show. Downed the monster and rushed into the photographers area. What an opportunity (Thanks Ramfest) Getting to take photos of one of my all time favourite bands (cheesy I know). They came on starting off with Chamber the Cartridge, if my memory serves me correctly. Blown away, they sounded epic live. 3 song limit was up (this is all we are allowed up front to take photos of the international artists). Now I was torn, I really wanted to get in the thick of the crowd, but had all my camera gear. Well I didn’t get in the middle of it all but wasn’t any less satisfied by the whole event. Rise against, went off and came back on for their first encore, acoustic in hand, Soldier of war and Swing Life Away filled the area, and as expected, you could hear the crowd singing along. Another 4 songs and that was it, ending off with Saviour, I believe… the music went off and the lights came on. The crowd still going wild as Tim McIlrath raised his red Gibson above his head, with the crowds hands in the air and that was it, The night was done. An amazing experience, one that I didn’t want to end, a thought echoed by many event goers that night.

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Once again, a HUGE shout-out to the organisers of RAMfest for catering for the ‘Alternative’ crowd and bringing some amazing artists to our shores once again, until next year! And of course this event wouldnt happen if it werent for the sponsors, with the likes of:
RED HEART: www.facebook.com/RedHeartRum
Monster Energy: www.facebook.com/MonsterEnergy
Olmeca Tequila SA: www.facebook.com/OlmecaTequilaSA
Black Label: www.facebook.com/CarlingBlackLabelSA
MKtv: www.facebook.com/MKtv.co.za
Hunter’s: www.facebook.com/HuntersCider

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All photography by Geecee Photography, www.geecee.co.za contact info@geecee.co.za