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Harties Cableway DH track

This looks like an awesome initiative and a solid move forward for all the local Downhill guys, keep your eyes out for new developments. It is only by prior arrangement at the moment, so dont go cock it up with a kak attitude and bugger up 2 years of hard work. It is still apparently a bit of a sensitive issue, lets rather nurture this into a sustainable addition to the DH scene.


This taken from http://www.nsrmtb.co.za

“It’s been two years in the making and a labor of love by a handful of Gauteng DH riders and track builders, but the wait is finally over and South Africa once again has a downhill track with cable car uplift. We must emphasize that the track and use of the venue for DH riding is by appointment and prior arrangement only at this stage. But rest assured that NSRMTB will keep you updated on the future developments at the Harties Cableway DH track and we hope to see riders from all over the country come share in the fun of this spectacular venue.”