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Burn your books and win tickets to Rage in Colour

We have 5 double tickets to Rage in Colour happening on Thursday 5 December 2013.


Its quite simple, we want you to send us photos of you burning your books. Seeing as though most of you have just gotten through matric, we are sure you have a few pages you can burn.

And lets not be stupid right, you burn yourself thats your own problem to deal with.

Email photos along with your name, address and contact details to info@noeyedeer.co.za

Closing date is Tuesday 3 December, we will give out 1 pair of tickets everyday until the deadline, so get those entries in, and if you don’t win, we’ll still considering you for the following days.

If you want to buy some tickets checkout http://online.computicket.com/web/event/rage_in_colour/767217488
For more info click on over to http://www.ragefestival.co.za/events/rage-in-colour-featuring-tube-berger/

South Africa’s most exhilarating concert experience debuts at the country’s largest vac festival featuring one of the largest international house acts!??? 2 International & 25 South African DJs | 3 Stages | Rage In Colour! ???

DATE: 5 December 2013 (Thursday)



WEBSITE : www.colourfestival.co.za

TWITTER : @ColourFestSA

Colour Festival is an electronic dance music festival that incorporates the element of colour powders from the Indian colour powders combined with modern electronic dance music showcased by both international and local artists/DJs. This dance music festival hosts a true kaleidoscope of South African cultures.

??? V E N U E ???

– T H E S O U N D F A C T O R Y , B A L L I T O –

Engrossed within the heart of Ballito lies an arena filled with stages, music, artists, jugglers and magicians, a setting that goes by the name of The Sound Factory. This circus themed domain accommodates for 10 000 of the globes most festive patrons and has a show ready to astonish all.

• • • P L E A S E N O T E : •••

• Directions to the venue will be released soon.

• Shuttles will be available from outside the La Montagne Hotel & Lifestyle Centre (Ballito) & Umhlanga/Gateway to the venue and back.

??? T U B E & B E R G E R ( G E R M A N Y ) ???

Growing up in a small industrial town in Germany and confronted with the boredom that comes with it, Tube & Berger, aka Arndt Roerig and Marko Vidovic, found music at an early age. Then, age sixteen, the two found themselves performing stage shows in a punk band when the ‘90s House and Techno boom hit town.

Driven by the challenge of giving electronic music an organic and “live character”, they made their breakthrough in 2004. The Song “Straight Ahead“ featuring new wave legend Chrissie Hynde climbed straight to the top of the US Billboard Dance Radio Charts and bookings from all over the world started to roll in.

Wanting to have the freedom to pave their own musical pathand not have to bow down to a major label dictatorship, or be lured by money-grabbing managers, the two decided to establish their own label “Kittball Records”, with their friend and colleague Dj Juliet Sikora. Kittball was an immediate success and soon found itself amongst the ranks of the top Tech and Deep house labels, with its tracks regularly played by the international Dj Elite.

The three ‘Kittballers’ are also responsible for the „It Began In Africa“charity project. The project, which helps young African musicians, has released two compilations and received massive support from artists such as Timo Maas, Ida Engberg, Format: B and Pirupa. Tube & Bergers “Free Tribe” single from the project reached the top of the Beatport charts, where it stayed for several weeks and went on to become an international club hit. At the moment, their track “Soulgood“ is charted in various Dj and download charts, plus video rotation on MTV Europe.

After 8 years of constant touring and gigs in some of the world’s renowned clubs (Cocoon Club-Frankfurt, Sankey’s-Manchester, Club A-Sao Paulo), Tube & Berger are about to release their first studio album titled “Introlution”. Introlution is being released on Kittball Records at the end of June 2012. On the album, the duo hooks up with Chicago House legend Robert Owens, the trumpeter Thalstroem, Berlin’s Meggy, Kittball newcomer PAJI and of course their label partner Juliet Sikora.

Introlution is a fresh new approach to the club sound and has a touch of the duo’s punk rock attitude mixed in for good measure. The overall feeling is a clubby album that will surely define the sound of 2012.
A further achievement was reached with their latest single ‘Lovebreak’, which hits Number 1 at Beatports All-Over Charts immediately.


??? P E R F O R M A N C E B I L L I N G ???


featuring The Big Bad Wolf (MC)

13H00-14H00: Tomorrows Will
14H00-15H00: Justin Miller (5FM)
15H00-16H00: Brent Crude
16H00-17H00: Funky G
17H00-18H00: Kent (5FM)
18H00-19H30: Coco Loco
22H00-23H00: Pascal & Pearce (CT)
23H00-00H00: Grimehouse (CT)


13H00-14H30: G-Major
14H30-16H00: Jamie K
16H00-17H30: Kyle Worde (JHB)
17H30-19H00: Royal K (JHB)
19H00-21H00: Ryan The Deejay (5FM)
21H00-22H30: Dunn
22H30-00H00: Warren G


13H00-14H30: Mo
14H30-16H00: Capital
16H00-17H30: Ameeth Shah
17H30-19H00: Bashkar
19H00-21H00: Bear Pause
21H00-22H30: Night Vision
22H30-00H00: Icarus

??? T I C K E T S ???

Tickets are available online at: www.computicket.co.za

Direct link: http://online.computicket.com/web/event/rage_in_colour/767217488

? General Access (Presale): R150 (includes: 1 packet of colour powder)
? General Access (Door): R180 (includes: 1 packet of colour powder)

??? C O L O U R P O W D E R & M E R C H A N D I S E ???

• Colour Powder: R20.00 per bag
– Powder colours: Blue; Green; Orange; Pink; Purple & Yellow

• Clear Goggles: R30.00
• White Disposal Overalls: R50.00

• Combo Deal: White Disposal Overalls & Goggles Set: R70.00


Contact: Chris
E-Mail: chris@secondbanana.co.za

Contact: Lee
E-Mail: info@lovetecentertainment.com

Contact: Mike
E-mail: mike@gandgpro.com

Contact: Will
E-Mail: will@gandgpro.com


Tube & Berger: www.tube-berger.com
Colour Festival Durban: www.colourfestival.co.za
Computicket (Tickets): www.computicket.co.za
G&G Productions: www.gandgpro.com



Although the colours are completely natural, a pair of goggles or sunglasses helps protect against unnecessary eye irritation.


The paint will adhere better and it is easier to rinse off later. We also recommend a cap or hat.

#3: Wear Old Clothes

Although the powder can be easily washed out, you should not wear/bring your best clothes with you.

Tip: You could purchase an original white ‘Colour Festival T-Shirts’ available for both men and woman.


The colours bear out brightest on white fabric! We will have disposal white overalls on sale at the venue should you be interested in purchasing these.


If possible, rather wear glasses rather than contact lenses as the paint may cause irritation on the contacts.


You will you pelted with coloured powder, so be sure to keep your eyes and mouth closed at these times.


If someone does not want to be pelted with powder, please respect their wishes. We would like everyone to enjoy themselves together.


The colour powder should be as dry as possible before attempting to wipe it off. Then rinse off with warm water.

18+ Only | No Illegal Substances | R.O.A.R | P.L.U.R

By entering the festival, you consent to being photographed, filmed and/or recorded as a member of the audience. Any/all use and distribution of all photographs/video images and video recordings/recorded materials can be used without any form of payment to you for the use of such material.

We do not promote drinking and driving, so should you choose to drink at the festival, please be responsible, speak to an official and we will assist you with details for a reputable taxi-cab company.

• 18+ Only (ID / Driver Licence / Student Card Required)
• No Alcohol / Glass Bottles will be allowed into the event!
• No Illegal Substances
• R.O.A.R
• P.L.U.R

? B E A S O N E ?

Don’t miss being part of the largest colour festival in South African vac history!

Colour Festival Durban 2013 – Photos

Durban’s first colour festival took place on Saturday 6 April 2013… I arrived a little late, and completely underestimated the traffic coming in towards Gateway. Arriving just before the scheduled first Colour Throw, I scrambled to get my camera ‘dustproofed’, a few plastic bags, some insulation tape and a bit of duct tape, that was as good as it was going to get.

I managed to get through to the main area just as the throw happened, but wasn’t quite ready to get the shots. None the less this wasn’t a big deal. There was a colour throw planned every hour on the hour and there was plenty powder getting given out to the masses, definitely no shortage there.

Music wise, I must admit, its not my typical scene, I’m not particularly fond of the general stereotypical people that go to these events. Thankfully though this was a very mixed crowd, with people from all walks of life, young and old, that came to get covered in colourful powder. The venue was packed, I haven’t attended an event at Wavehouse that had seen so many people in that area, which was an awesome sight.

I must comment, however that people in Durban clearly don’t understand the concept, there was little unison when it came to throwing the powder up all at the same time. It seemed to happen in smaller groups. With the majority of people just throwing it directly at there friends.

The bar areas were inadequate in my opinion, I didn’t even bother trying to get a drink, I think there were about 4 or 5 separate bar areas available and they were all overflowing with the 6000+ colour festival attendees.
Lets not forget the bathrooms, I don’t know if it was from the powder itself, or the packets the powder came in, but all the basins were blocked, and overflowing, spilling a brown liquid all over the place. The cleaning staff were clearing the area throughout the event, but not being very considerate, splashing this dirty water all over any unsuspecting person that walked into the restroom.

All in all the event was as expected, a lot of colourful mess, with some awesome DJ’s that kept the crowd moving the duration of the event. The general feeling seemed as if the majority enjoyed the event and enjoyed getting colourful.

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