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Bad News from Ramfest – around the corner

Soooo RamFest finally made the announcement regards to a replacement band for As I Lay Dying, who had pulled out of the event previously.. I bet you are wondering who it’s going to be… Well there is no replacement unfortunately. What we reckon is they should get someone like The Narrow to join the show, especially for the Durban show, that is now a bit lacking.

Well either way with Ramfest just around the corner, in just over a month, we thought we’d start filling your ears and eyes with some songs from the artists that are lined up to perform at the events…

Rise Against

Bring me the Horizon

Pendulum DJ set and Verse

Ramfest International band info

So as you should all have seen/heard by now, there are three awesome international rock acts hitting the stage at Ramfest DBN, CPT and JHB… namely As I Lay Dying, Bring me the Horizon and last but definitely not least, our¬†personal¬†favourite, Rise Against.
Let us know who of you are going, and which city of choice…
Are you willing to travel to goto a specific venue, even though the bands will be in your City?
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