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Watch Roger Young cock up an interview with Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath

So we came across this interview proudly posted by the local varient of Rolling Stone Magazine. Why on earth they let this go public, heaven alone knows.

Watch as Roger Young makes a fool of himself and, quite frankly South Africa as a whole. I dont know the bloke, but either he is a beer short of a six pack or he has had a few six packs before the interview. Total unprofessionalism.

Next time, let us do the interview, thanks.

Must give huge Cred to Tim for actually putting up with this crap and answering the drivel that Mr young threw at him.

As quoted from Rolling Stone Magazines website

Rolling Stone’s Roger Young caught up with Tim McIlrath, lead singer and guitarist of Rise Against, at RAMFest on Saturday to chat about the relationship between activism and music. They also touched on some sociopolitical issues and discussed Rise Against’s entertainment value.

Here is the youtube clip below, let us know your thoughts, feedback on Ramfest and Rolling Stone facebook pages has been far from favourable.

And now the ‘modified; version censoring out Roger