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Rumour has it…. Rihanna will be in South Africa in October

Big Concerts
She’s sold over 41 million albums worldwide. Find out who’s performing two stadium shows. All will be revealed 8th April at 7.30am.

Well we have heard via Heat Magazine’s twitter feed that the mysterious artist is in fact Rihanna who will, as with all these artists, be performing in JHB and CPT. Rumoured to be performing sometime in October.

Who knows maybe heat is right, maybe not, but if you want to pay homage to an Umbrella then best get saving…

Speculation and a new Single – Paramore

Not sure how many people saw this posted on Paramore’s Facebook page, but we thought it was a little strange.
Why would Paramore show some sort of vested interest in South Africa of all places, I mean we know SA is great and all, but bands rarely show any interest in our sunny shores. What made it seem extra fishy was hearing Paramore’s latest single playing on 5fm early this morning. We all know 5fm is in with Big Concerts on all the big international acts. But then again maybe we are just reading too far into this. Let us know what you think, or if you heard from your friend’s connection’s uncle’s grandmother’s nephew….

Paramore - Facebook Status
Paramore – Facebook Status

And here you may as well listen to their latest single, official video due to release today as far as we know, will be sure to post it when its out. Dont forget to preorder thier new album, due for release around 8 April 2013.