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A ventriloquist, a woman, a doctor and a couple of Goliaths walk into a bar…

Sound like the start of a bad joke? It’s not – they’re all nominees in The 3rd Annual South African Comic’s Choice Awards™ (CCA’s).

South Africa’s comedians have voted, and the nominees in each category have been selected. Now winning a prestigious Waldo is no longer a dream, but a one in four chance for each nominee.

And the nominees are…!


The Savanna Newcomer Award, Loyiso Madinga, Eureka Nkese, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Kagiso Mokgadi

The BlackBerry® Breakthrough Act Award, Deep Fried Man, Mpho Popps Modikoane, Donovan Goliath, Jason Goliath

The Comic’s Choice Comic Of The Year Award, Trevor Noah, Loyiso Gola, Tumi Morake, Riaad Moosa

The Times Comic’s Pen Award, Chester Missing, Loyiso Gola, Kagiso Lediga, Rob van Vuuren

The nominees were announced (to cheers and applause) by previous winners Sifiso Nene, Dillan Oliphant, Joe Parker and Alyn Adams, who entertained everyone at the press event by doing a few minutes of stand-up. 2011 winner Deep Fried Man had the room in hysterics with his trademark “stand-up comedy with a guitar”.

While the nominees were voted for by their comedic peers, there is still one funnyman (or woman) who will be selected by the public’s vote in the Savanna Audience Choice category.

Voting in this category only stays open until 8pm on 20 August 2013 and you could WIN a VIP experience to the Awards if you SMS your favourite comedian’s unique code to 38374. You can vote 20 times (if you can’t choose just one favourite comedian!).

Vote for one of these four…!

The Savanna Audience Choice Award:

Mashabela Galane – Unique code – 1197

Sifiso Nene – Unique code 1187

Thapelo TIPS Seemise – Unique code 1150

Khanyisa Bunu – Unique code 1209


The sixth – and final – Waldo is awarded to the Lifetime Achievement recipient on the spot! Beloved ‘cousin’ Barry Hilton was the recipient with the highest number of votes in this special category for comedians with 25 years’ experience.

The Lifetime Achievement recipient is always ‘honoured’ at a special night at Parker’s a few weeks before the event.

Join a panel of ‘Grill Masters’ as they tear Barry a new one at ‘The Grilling of a Lifetime, where he’ll be subjected to comedic insults, praise and downright abuse! Pop down to Parker’s at 8pm on Tuesday 13 August or book your tickets in advance from the venue to avoid disappointment.

The formal award ceremony takes place at The Teatro at Montecasino on 24 August 2013, in association with The Times, Mzansi Magic and Kaya FM.

Limited tickets are available to public, so book now through Computicket.

Event Information:
Event Info: www.comicschoice.co.za
Email: info@comicschoice.co.za
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sa.comics.choice.awards
Twitter: @ComicsChoice: #CCA2013
Tickets: Computicket (www.computicket.co.za) from R230 to R270.

RAMfest Durban – Epic

After first hearing Rise Against was due to play at RAMfest we were more than excited to see them live. The months ticked by and I must admit my excitement waned a little, until about a week before the event. The excitement grew everyday, the best part knowing that I’d also have the privilege to cover this event and take some photos of Bring Me the Horizon and of course Rise Against.

I got there just after Low Profile had played, not planned, but just that’s when I could get there, tried to sign in with my media pass, oh dear name not on the list, a quick chat to the organisers and that was soon cleared up and I had my elusive media pass, ready to capture the evening.

I was relatively impressed with the turn out, Durban is synonymous with poor crowd turnout and well this was one of the better supported local rock events I have been too, I’d still like to see that crowd double by next year, it really would make Durban more attractive to event organisers and artists for that matter.

First band I got to see was Pestroy and as could be expected, they were awesome, couldn’t fault them and they certainly had the crowd going, I really should have turned the camera around and taken some photos of the crowd going nuts so early on in the night. Definitely seemed to have a solid following here amongst the Durban crowd.

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Excitement growing as we talk amongst friends and have a few beers, thank goodness they didn’t have a separate cordoned off area for the bar. Glad to be able to have a beer in the crowd something I missed at a few earlier Wavehouse events that have happened over the years. Nice and much needed improvement.

Following a short break Bring Me the Horizon came to the stage, I cant say I had heard much of their music before but I did do a little youtube re-con before the event to get a taste of what they had to offer. Straight into their set, crowd going crazy, they made the mark and sounded insane. Brought back memories of old Burn back in the day, moshing in the crowd and having R1 shooters. From what I could tell they followed the same Set-list as JHB. Saw a few people get up and trying to get some crowd surfing going, heard some guy fell on his nut but soon rejoined the madness holding his head.

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Another interlude, time to reflect on BMTH, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed them and what they brought to RAMfest 2013. I found the time to go check out the Monster Energy area, grabbed myself a monster and relaxed with a few other guests, everyone very upbeat after the BMTH set.

Headed back down to the event area, Monster in hand just in time for the start of Rise Against’s show. Downed the monster and rushed into the photographers area. What an opportunity (Thanks Ramfest) Getting to take photos of one of my all time favourite bands (cheesy I know). They came on starting off with Chamber the Cartridge, if my memory serves me correctly. Blown away, they sounded epic live. 3 song limit was up (this is all we are allowed up front to take photos of the international artists). Now I was torn, I really wanted to get in the thick of the crowd, but had all my camera gear. Well I didn’t get in the middle of it all but wasn’t any less satisfied by the whole event. Rise against, went off and came back on for their first encore, acoustic in hand, Soldier of war and Swing Life Away filled the area, and as expected, you could hear the crowd singing along. Another 4 songs and that was it, ending off with Saviour, I believe… the music went off and the lights came on. The crowd still going wild as Tim McIlrath raised his red Gibson above his head, with the crowds hands in the air and that was it, The night was done. An amazing experience, one that I didn’t want to end, a thought echoed by many event goers that night.

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Once again, a HUGE shout-out to the organisers of RAMfest for catering for the ‘Alternative’ crowd and bringing some amazing artists to our shores once again, until next year! And of course this event wouldnt happen if it werent for the sponsors, with the likes of:
RED HEART: www.facebook.com/RedHeartRum
Monster Energy: www.facebook.com/MonsterEnergy
Olmeca Tequila SA: www.facebook.com/OlmecaTequilaSA
Black Label: www.facebook.com/CarlingBlackLabelSA
MKtv: www.facebook.com/MKtv.co.za
Hunter’s: www.facebook.com/HuntersCider

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All photography by Geecee Photography, www.geecee.co.za contact info@geecee.co.za

Forum Dual Mall 2013

Freeriding through a Mall, looks like fun…

Liberec again experienced race in the shopping mall. This time it was not a DH race but the new format of the two riders side by side, Dual Mall!

After small modifications to the track after the training sessions could 16 riders take elimination heats. To this race I arrived at the last minute from the U.S. so thru the race I have struggled with jetlag.

In the final heats I competed agains Slavik. A few hundredths I ended on 2nd place.

The event was successful and I think the fans enjoyed every second.

taken from prokoplive.com

2013 1st Quarter rock album releases to look out for

Well its a new year and we figured you needed to know a few cool albums that will be available in the near future, we spoke about Coheed & Cambria yesterday. Here are a few more to keep your eyes open for. A quick google search will find you more information, most are available on Pre-Order and some are even available as Vinyl !!! yes please.

Bullet for my Valentine - Temper Temper, expected release date 12 February 2013
Bullet for my Valentine – Temper Temper, expected release date 12 February 2013

Killswitch Engage - Disarm the Descent, expected release date 2 April 2013
Killswitch Engage – Disarm the Descent, expected release date 2 April 2013

Alkaline Trio – My Shame is True, expected release date 2 April 2013
Paramore - Paramore, expected release date 9 April 2013
Paramore – Paramore, expected release date 9 April 2013
 Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal, expected release date 30 April 2013

Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal, expected release date 30 April 2013

Ramfest International band info

So as you should all have seen/heard by now, there are three awesome international rock acts hitting the stage at Ramfest DBN, CPT and JHB… namely As I Lay Dying, Bring me the Horizon and last but definitely not least, our personal favourite, Rise Against.
Let us know who of you are going, and which city of choice…
Are you willing to travel to goto a specific venue, even though the bands will be in your City?
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