Lube and Tube 2017

Well we headed off to Lube and Tube this year.
It has been on our list of things to do for a while, but for whatever reasons and mishaps we haven’t managed to get through to the event.

Thankfully it all fell into place and we headed up to Pig’s farm in Winterton, KZN. Arriving to a large open area with two big marques and the bustle of people finding their spot to set up camp and settle in.

With a few compressors and generators on hand the queue started to build as everyone rushed to get their floating devices pumped and ready to hit the river.

Lube and Tube 2017

With the safely briefing out the way we all headed down to the river around lunch time with floating coolers and bucket loads of beer, down the bank and into the water we went, floating for a little over two hours, mingling and meeting new people as we sucked back a few beers in the afternoon sun, nearing the end everyone slowed the pace as to not have to get out the water until the very last call.

After the booze cruise we got a lift back to camp on a series of Tractor trailers and land cruisers. In time for a quick snack we all relaxed and heard the bands doing sound check.

Not too long after we saw the hype as we got the word that food was available, this all included in the price of the ticker. And dinner was served, a piping hot bunny chow which went down well. Then the bar was opened with free drinks for the night.

Lube and Tube 2017

That evening everyone that was still awake got to enjoy some great local music with the likes of Gus Brown Band and Catlike Thieves along with the honorary house band Angus who kept everyone moving until the DJs took over for the night owls.

Yes we took a bunch of photos so see if you can find yourself amongst the crowds.

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