Indoor Plants, The New Trend

With the onset of Covid-19 and the new normal as it has been dubbed, many people have been lead to a life of remote working, or at the very least spending more time inside their homes.

This may have lead to the realisation that perhaps your indoor space wasn’t so inviting to spend all day everyday confined within its walls.

no indoor plants
Cold and drab interior

There are obviously a lot of things that can liven up your indoor space, from painting your walls to performing major renovations. All seem rather drastic don’t you think?

Well there are easier ways to liven up your space and certainly make it a lot more inviting, and healthy! And that is to introduce some beautiful luscious indoor plants.

There are multiple benefits to adding indoor plants to your space. Plants make us happy. Humans connect with nature, and when you can’t get yourself outdoors, the best thing to do is bring the outdoors in! This is know to improve mood, help with depression and make our home more aesthetically pleasing.

Now what you may not have thought of is plants actually have a health benefit too that goes beyond mood. If you think back to early school days you would have learnt that plants and trees filter the air. Yes, that’s right, plants are able to assist in filtering and cleaning the air you breathe.

The leaves of plants are able to clear out some toxins and unwanted molecules which you wouldn’t even realise you have been breathing in!

So go on…. Grab some awesome indoor plants and get started.

I found a great place for some indoor plant suggestions over at

Specifically this article on 12 best plants for low light conditions.

Let me know what your favourite indoor plant is and why? I would love to add some new ones to my collection.

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