Hot Water at De Waal Park

Checked out Hot Water on Sunday down at De Waal Park.
Super chilled vibes, a very decent turn out also, sporting all kinds of people, tree huggin hippies to families consisting of dogs as children, yip, prams and everything bro.

There were children and grown men hula-hooping and slack lines (witch is waaaaay harder than you can imagine !) set up between a few of the many trees that are scattered across, well, this park ..


Remax had set up 9 other free concerts before this one, being the closing of the series of ten that have now taken place to date. the list of artists included,
Jimmy Dludlu, The Rudimentals, Mark Haze, Robin Levetan, Arno Carstens, Saudiq Kahn, Karen Zoid, The Glenn Robertson Jazz Band, Steve Louw and Big Sky, Robin Auld, and Hot Water.

Honestly pretty bummed that I only caught wind of this for the last one and will definitely be keeping my eyes out for something like this in the future.
A perfect way to end the week.

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