Friends don’t let friends do the same old thing over, and over, and over again. You know what we mean: those hours wasted in traffic getting to and from work; all that time spent in a queue at the bank, or all that time on the couch watching soccer when you could be in the field.

Life’s too short to live on repeat. So Red Heart Spiced is flipping the script on the everyday, the boring and the routine.

Over the course of the last few weeks, Red Heart Spiced’s ‘Flip the Script’ campaign encouraged young people to nominate their friends to try something completely different and stand the chance to win R10 000 in cash. The campaign’s aim was to encourage people to try something completely new, like Red Heart Spiced.

We collaborated with 5FM’s DJ Roger Goode, who helped us – with the friends of unsuspecting nominees – to give three ordinary South Africans an experience that turned their normal, daily routine completely upside down.

Themed around three classic and well-supported South African pastimes – football, rugby and a traffic jam – we found our victims (um, nominees) and with the help of some famous friends (like rugby player Trevor Nyakane, football legend Teko Modise and musos Goodluck) we flipped the script.

We could tell you what happened to Thulani, Sarah and Lawazi, but it would be more fun to watch it for yourself.

Visit to see Thulani flip the script with Teko Modise, Sarah Manners get flipped with Goodluck during her morning commute and

Lawazi Volsak flipping the script VIP style with Trevor Nyakane.



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