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Winter14 All Star collection unleashed through explosion of creative self-expression

This month Converse announces the launch of SNEAKERS CLASH – a series of vibrant and colourful moments across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, designed to disrupt and clash against a grey world – kicking off in Amsterdam on Saturday, the 22nd of February.

For Africa – Cape Town gets set to clash on the 28th of February. Johannesburg will be next on the 7th of March 2014.

SNEAKERS CLASH will be brought to life through two engaging interactive activations – Wall of Clash and Photo Clash – bridging the gap between Converse’s fans on social media and a diverse range of artists in surprising physical spaces.

Wall of Clash (reference to as #ClashWall on Twitter) will collide street artists with clashing styles at unexpected locations – challenging them to unleash their most visceral work against a dull, lifeless wall. It is here that they will be influenced by @Converse_Africa followers who make suggestions on what to paint – forming a democratic yet chaotic collaboration that will be anything but boring.

SNEAKERS CLASH is inspired by the Winter 2014 Converse All Star sneaker collection, featuring dynamic pops of colour and elevated silhouettes to provoke youthful self-expression. Colourful tie-dye, bold colour blocking and striking archive prints create stylish looks perfect for brightening up the winter season.

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