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Webber Surf Pool – South Africa on the cards

There has been a bit of talk lately about a new wave pool possibly coming to South Africa in the near future, while getting completely sidetracked on youtube I came across this clip uploaded way back in Nov 2010, but it had some recent comments flying around, one which was quite interesting….

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Graham Jarvis wins Roof of Africa 2013

Cold and wet conditions greeted competitors on the final day of the 2013 Roof of Africa over the weekend in Lesotho. With more that ten riders failing to make it to the finish on Friday and spending the night in the Mountains, it was going to prove to be another extremely challenging day for all the riders.Chris Birch, Graham Jarvis, Blake Gudzeit and Altus De Wet were all penalized three minutes over night for failing to report to DSP 2 on Friday, but Birch and Jarvis still held a substantial lead over the rest of the field and lead out the morning’s start just seconds apart. It was evident right from the beginning that Jarvis was on a mission as he began to reel in Birch coming down Bushman’s Pass. Conditions were so bad that the Clerk of the Course decided to remove the first major pass of the day but next up was Mokopu Pass, in the race for the first time, and Birch and Jarvis arrived together. Reports filtered back to race headquarters that by the summit of Mokopu, Graham Jarvis had put 25 minutes into Birch. Ben Hemingway was feeling the strains of Friday’s efforts and was passed by Scott Bouverie and Blake Gudzeit, who were locked in a battle to be the first South African across the line.

Graham Jarvis is a master of wet and slippery conditions and this became more and more evident through the morning. Approaching the final ascent of Bushman’s Pass, Jarvis was over 50 minutes ahead of Birch and romped home to and emphatic on his

Husqvarna. Gudzeit and Bouverie were at it, wheel to wheel, the whole day and provided a dramatic finish in front of the enthusiastic crowd, scattered across the pass.Only 24 riders were able to finish the Gold Class and it looked like, once again, there will be riders stuck in the dark and forced to spend the night in the Mountains.

Results for the final day:

1. Graham Jarvis – 6h35m37
2. Blake Gudzeit – 7h33m06
3. Scott Bouverie – 7h33m29
4. Chris Birch – 7h34m41
5. Ben Hemingway – 8h00m01
6. Kenny Gilbert – 8h24m55
7. Altus De Wet – 8h41m50
8. Dan Hemingway – 8h57m18
9. James Hodson – 8h58m03
10. Bronson Louw – 9h11m28

Overall Results:
1 Graham Jarvis
2. Chris Birch
3. Scott Bouverie

The victorious Graham Jarvis even remarked in his acceptance speech that it is so great to see Monster Energy on board as a major sponsor of such a prestigious event. Monster Energy looks forward to growing the profile and supporting the The Roof Of Africa in the future. 
The Roof Of Africa is in the top five for hardest enduro events in the world and the sheer determination and power of the riders has proven that only hardest in the world can come through unscathed. There was even a situation where one of the Japanese riders, competing for the first time, spent the night in the mountains at the event and was found the by the townspeople and escorted to the nearest village in Lesotho to make sure he had a safe and comfortable night. 
Official website:
Twitter: @MonsterEnergySA 
Twitter: @roofofafrica

2013 UCI MTB and Trials World Champs

2013 UCI MTB and Trials World Champs

There are now only six days to go before the biggest and most prestigious mountain bike event of the year takes place in Pietermaritzburg. Final preparations are being made to the event site and the courses are all ready to be ridden by the world’s best.

The event is bound to be world class and is situated at an amazing venue, Cascades which has been the venue for 3 x UCI MTB World Cup events already. This 12 hectare piece of land boasts competition ready Cross Country and Downhill courses that were all utilized at the previous editions of the MTB World Cup events as well as the new Cross County Eliminator and Trials competition venues. 

The Burry Stander Memorial Garden has been added to the venue, this will be dedicated at a short ceremony on Thursday 29th August at 4.30pm.

Event Website

For more comprehensive information about the event and the linked entities, the official event website is now live and fully operational and can be viewed at


Ticket must be booked for Friday 30 August, Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September. Admission on all other days of competition is free. Book your tickets online here

Single Entry (Online) R 80 + vendor service fee 1 x Entry
Single Entry (At Event) R 110.00 1 x Entry
Family Pack, 1 Day Package (Online) R 350 + vendor service fee 4 x Entry
2 x Event Programme
Family Pack, 1 Day Package (At Event) R 400.00 4 x Entry
2 x Event Programme
Family Pack, 2 day Package (Online) R 690 + vendor service fee 8 x Entry
2 x Event Programme
Family Pack, 2 day Package (At Event) R 780.00 8 x Entry
2 x Event Programme
Family Pack, 3 day Package (Online) R 1000 + vendor service fee 12 x Entry
3 x Event Programme
Family Pack, 3 day Package (At Event) R 1100.00 12 x Entry
3 x Event Programme
Single Entry, 3 Day Deluxe Package (Online Only) R 1000 + vendor service fee 3 x Entry
1 x Event Programme
3 x VIP Pass*
Single entry, 1 day VIP Ticket* R550,00 One day
Single entry, 2 day VIP Ticket* R825,00 Two day
*This includes entrance to the venue and access to the VIP tent/the assigned area free lunch  from 12-2 and free snacks all day.   VIP tent is located at the bottom of the downhill track, near the XC track and finish line.To purchase a VIP ticket, you must contact CRA World Events at or call 031 570 7500.

2013 Total Rally – KZN

The first event of the 2013 SA Rally Championship, the Total Rally, held on the 8th and 9th of March 2013. The Tour Natal Rally is now in its 54th year. The success of the 2012 Arbour Crossing Stage has necessitated the return of the Total Rally to the larger Sun Coast Casino Complex. All gravel tests were run on the infamous and ultra slippery KZN south coast roads.

A few of us decided to make our way down the south coast to catch the dirt section of the Total Natal Rally, we managed to get to our planned spectator point just as the top guys had passed, not a big problem, we stayed and watched the slower classes and then rushed off in pursuit of another spectator point. Thankfully we found a great vantage point after walking through some sugar cane fields, this further lead us to another 2 points within walking distance that offered lots to see, fast corners, tight corners, short straights, awesome action.

The marshals were on top form to make sure everyone was as close to the action but equally far enough away to avoid any immediate danger (or as safe as a sport such as this allows), apart from someone’s little rat dog that kept running toward the route, which the owners didn’t seem to preterbed about it was all handled quite well.

South African rally champions Mark Cronje and Robin Houghton (S2000 Ford Racing Fiesta) started the new season where they left off in 2012 with a dominant victory in the Total Rally, with former champions Jan Habig and Robert Paisley in their Ford in their Fiesta, finishing 1min05 sec further back. Third was Jean-Pierre Damseaux and new co-driver Hilton Auffray in their Toyota Auris

Tom Hewitt’s Story – Surfing with Street Kids

Not quite our usual content, but some might say even more important. An awesome story and a great way to lift up someones spirit. For those that surf, the words of Tom ring true, it is an escape from everything when you are in the water.
Hopefully Tom’s story inspires more to make a difference and help someone less fortunate. Whether it be with surfing or any other outlet.

For more information click over to

“Tom Hewitt MBE is committed to a”global popular movement around the rights and potential of street children.” He has worked “in the field” with street children for over 20 years. He and his wife, Bulelwa, founded Umthombo Street Children in Durban, South Africa in 2004.

Danny MacAskill Plays Capetown

Danny MacAskill has some fun in the city of Cape Town, certainly not a new video, but pretty damn cool if you ask me.
Take a look, enjoy the scenery, be a proud South African.

    “Danny MacAskill, also known as ‘Danny MegaSkill’, is a Scottish trials cyclist, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye. He works professionally as a street trials pro rider for Inspired Bicycles Ltd. Born: December 23, 1985” Google

argonauten G2

Directed, filmed & edited by:
Maik Scharfscheer
Thomas X. Stoll

Sound Design by
Gino Riccitelli

Riccitelli – Move on
Riccitelli – Friday
Faybuse – Long Way