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Psychostick – Dogs like Socks

Psychostick is a self-described “humorcore” band. That means they play hardcore/metal, but instead of songs about blood, death and hellfire or whatever, their songs are about subjects like beer, tacos and, in this case, dogs liking socks. You see, just because you perform with a lot of aggression, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have uncontrollable rage in your heart. Continue reading Psychostick – Dogs like Socks

Lady Gaga Touched down in Sunny SA

Yesterday evening Lady Gaga touched down at Lanseria Airport, Jo’Burg to a buzz of her self titled ‘little monsters’ or fans for the uninformed.

Gaga was scheduled to arrive at Lanseria International Airport around 17:50 but was delayed as her private jet had to refuel at Cape Town International Airport, reports said.

She flew in on her private jet and was quickly ushered away via an alternate route through the airport. It wasn’t long before she reportedly made her way back to the crowd that had come to welcome her in, and spend some time with her loyal South African fanbase.

Gaga is scheduled to perform at the FNB Stadium Soccer City complex on Friday 30 November and at the Cape Town Stadium on Monday 3 December.


Although not everyone is happy with the fact that Lady Gaga has hit our shores, as this woman voices her opinion on an online video, tell us your views

Wiff this and Wiff that, haha we had a good laugh

August Long Weekend Music Madness

Yes so it’s been a while since  we posted, there is a lot going on, clearly. We have been a bit slow on reporting everything but hell, heres a round up for the upcoming weekend in August that will make music lovers stoked. 3 International rock bands coming to our shores on one weekend!! Continue reading August Long Weekend Music Madness

Lady Gaga in SA

Clearly not a very well kept secret, the rumours of Lady Gaga coming to South Africa where going wild over social media, hitting a high point recently. When BIG concerts announced that there would be a BIG reveal on Monday, 18 June, the twitterverse went crazy with the rumours of Gaga’s tour.  Continue reading Lady Gaga in SA

Rise Against – Bob Dylan Cover

Rise Against have posted the video for their cover of Bob Dylan’s blues classic, “Ballad Of Hollis Brown.” The original was released in 1964 on The Times They Are A-Changin’ and the cover was Rise Against’s contribution to Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International. Continue reading Rise Against – Bob Dylan Cover

Smashing Pumpkins ~ New Album Release

The Smashing Pumpkins have confirmed the release their latest album entitled, ‘Oceania’ on 18 June 2012.

The will be the band’s seventh studio album, and has been produced by singer Billy Corgan, described as an “album within an album” as it is part of their 44-song cycle for ‘Teargarden By Kaleidyscope’.

The album will be put out by EMI, after they signed a deal Continue reading Smashing Pumpkins ~ New Album Release