“The world is so different in the daylight. In the dark, your fantasies get so out of hand…”

A stilt-walker lopes past and his head in the clouds is lit briefly by a burst of flame as the fire-breathers ply their trade. The poi dancers are illuminated too as they swing weights in a mesmerising geometrics.

It’s Carnival at Orphanage Cocktail Emporium on the corner of Bree and Orphan Streets in Cape Town on Saturday 25 January 2014.

Descend into a world of colour and crazy for an evening of carnival swing beats and artisan cocktails amidst surreal performances.

Conducting the ceremony of crazy will be Musical Maestro “Mike Play”, who will preside over the party animals with cutting edge swing beats commencing in the eventide at 09pm; remember monkey business is not only allowed, but encouraged.

Tip: Start off the evening with dinner in Orphanage’s Dining Room.

ORPHANAGE COCKTAIL EMPORIUM} Orphan & Bree Street } Cape Town
RSVP: The House-Team +27 (0) 21 424 2004

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