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We here at Noeyedeer are fans of the McMillans (aka Blue&Bordeux), recently Dave said they had something in the pipeline that was pretty incredible. They werent joking, Fanbible, an application that pulls band gig information from Facebook after determining your area and places it all in one easily accessible place.


Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 11.38.31 AM


As if thats not enough you can even add bands that you are into that arent already there, by clicking the heart icon on the top of the page.
Super simple right ? Right !!

“Face the Music” and stay on top of whats happening in your area with Fanbible created by musically minded humans at


Check it out, browse your local gigs and share this link with your mates !

Black Sabbath – 13 … streaming now on iTunes

From the guy who has probably played an more than one high stakes poker games with the devil himself comes out favorite bat eating rock star,
Ozzy has been at it again, never disappointing.

35 years since the last Black Sabbath album Ozzy says, “We decided to write horror music” , and sing me symphonies from beyond thats just what they have done.

black sabbath – 13

Streaming free on iTunes today, lock in and enjoi


Afrika Burn – 2013

High Points –

  • 2 blowouts in the desert
  • Carrying a tyre for 3km
  • Amazing landscapes
  • Amazing people
  • New Friends
  • Out of this world outfits
  • Incredible structures in the middle of nowhere
  • Stars that you could almost grab out of the sky
  • Disco bus
  • Whirlwinds made of fire,smoke and dust
  • Trippy light tunnel
  • Human sundials
  • Mobile bar
  • Wet-wipe showers
  • That naked guys poem
  • That naked guy leaving after the poem
  • Aching dancing feet
  • A nose/body/car/mouth/ear/food full of dust

Low Points –

  • Leaving




Afrika Burn 2013,
Having only learned about the event late last year I felt like it was something I had to get involved in but as usual with anything that way in advance I never seem to get sorted with tickets as they drop, I think a lot of people suffered from this….

Fast forward to two weeks before the event kicks off, I am still ticket less and scratching about to try to sort out my entry, LUCKILY enough I had a few friends keeping a lookout amongst their extended friends and I got lucky…The beauty of this event is that the organisers shun the concept of selling this ticket for any more than you paid for it, literally naming and shaming those people. (Unlike for the Holi fest some dooshbags were trying to sell tickets for over a grand the day before the event.) 700 bucks later I was finally on track, thanks Bex 😉


Checking out the website, all the do’s and dont’s seemed a bit daunting for a first timer, having latched onto a bunch of ten crazy friends I eased up a bit and got some great first hand advice from them as well the afrikaburn website
Ramming my VW Caddy with everything from bikes, bags of outfits, firewood and an excess of warm clothing we headed out early Friday morning.

A note I picked up on the website was to take 2 spare tyres, the road is treacherous they said, you will shred tyres they said, being a first timer I though how can it be that bad and having one spare I was confident that we wouldn’t even need that one.

About 60km on the 113km long dirt road one of our convoy cars had a flat, literally shredded, I thought this to be an opportune moment to whip out my camera and snap a few panos of the open landscape around us, only to find that on the way to the back of my van my back right tyre was whistling at me, begin the nightmare, it took about an hour to get my spare out as one of the bolts had fused to the nut holding it up, anyways with the spare on, a fresh blood knuckles and a now dirt coloured white vest, we were off again. All was good until about 15km to Tankwa where I went flat again, only this time the rest of the convoy had gone ahead and we were alone on this one, two flat tyres, 15km to the event next to a grave yard, how cliché we thought…. Deciding the best option would be to get the first flat out the back of the van, hitch a ride a tyre repair place that we had learned was just before the event, fix the tyre and hitch a ride back to the car and take it from there, easily said.

a burn

The ride in was easy, a friendly trio of ladies who had all been before were more than happy to help out. The fix was easy (the tyre guys were great and literally life savers for many of the folk who had issues) the mission back to the car, well, carrying a tyre on your shoulders for 3km in the desert isn’t fun, I’ll leave it at that, luckily enough one of the gate staff grew some heart and caught up with me and took me the rest of the way.
Tire on, Tankwa Town here we come, finally.




We caught up with the rest of the crew at the main entrance, leaving notes with the marshalls at the entrance telling us where to go, they had even started cycling out to us realising we were taking far too long, this is what the Burn is about.
Banging the bells on the way in as a first timer, instructed “Leave all your shit behind you” my legs actually went numb while ramming those massive bells together, I knew from then this was going to be absolutely magical.




Camp took a while to get set up, that ground is solid, I was thankful to be sleeping in the back of my van, no hammering pegs into what seemed like a layer of solid rock where we had chosen to set up camp. We got everything up, eventually, ground sheets, shade nets, the works (the fact that we had a drill to get pegs in amused me) and set out into the BInnekring to check out what we were up against.




Mulling through the masses of camper vans, tents and strange contraptions that people obviously had spent ages putting together put a smile on everyone’s face even before entering the vastness of the Binnekring. Street lamp posts, giant flags, black rock desert and then massive elaborate structures, you keep asking yourself, how and why but eventually just accept that his is it, this IS Afrika Burn !

a burn reflection




Bouncing from one structure to the next, meeting interestingly dressed people along the way the evening was dropping in quickly so we set off back to camp to get warm, replenish fluids and then get back into the desert for the sunset, this is where no expression of colour or changing forms can describe the feeling or sight of seeing the sun tone away over the desert horizon. Simply amazing, silhouetting the giant structures may have been the best part about it for me, until the stars filled the sky.

a burn-58 a burn-60 a burn-62

The night bounced on to us dancing in front of/on top of a massive bus that had been converted into a mobile club, outstanding effort to the guys who missioned that into the middle of nowhere, they felt the love, i know i, amongst every other soul there gave it.

Finding your way back to your camp, well….. I lost my crew on the bus somehow and eventually decided it time to get some sleep, without plotting out “landmarks”  beforehand I lost track of how far or where I walked, almost settling to sleep under something/anything till the sun peeked out over the horizon so I could find my way home. Clicking the remote of my car every 20 paces hoping to see a yellow flicker of lights of my car either locking or unlocking, eventually tho very gratefully finding base camp and crashing till late Saturday morning.




Saturday delivered another awesome day, everyone seemed to go all out on dress up and gifting. (an act of selflessness, cookies, sweets, little poems in little jars, anything really that showed love to a stranger) Deryn, from our crew created a massive rainbow and carted out double shopping basket trays with ingredients to make your own cookies, this went down pretty well as we all danced in front of what I think was a top hat DJ booth.

a burn-50 a burn-51

a burn-56

a burn-30 a burn-27 a burn-43

The day ticked on and eventually time came for the main burn at 9PM, again, the amount of time and effort that went into the shows before hand was just incredible, i lost count of how many fire dancers there were or how many times the rig that had guys on it grinding away firing sparks and pyrotechnics blew massive balls of fire into the desert night sky, we all watched in awe !

The main burn started, the giant Afrika Burn symbol being swallowed in flame and tornado’s of smoke and dust bellowing from the structure as it fell apart, feeling the warmth of that fire and watching everyone’s faces as the structure finally fell to the ground is something I wont easily forget !

Back to the Bus, party till your toenails feel like they want to peel off your feet and head back to camp to sleep off yet another epic day at the Burn.


LESSON 7 – TAKE YOUR CAMERA TO THE MAIN BURN (as we can see, by the lack of burn pics, by this time I had packed my trusty Canon away safely)


Sunday was a slow day, feeling the aftermath of the night before, most of us readying to head off back home slowly mulling about getting things together, cleaning up the little mess we had made.

 a burn-57

Having one last cycle through the Binnekring then setting off back home, slowly on the dust road, leaving behind something that we all already wanted again.



check out the FB album HERE, tag away.

Blue and Bordeux – Wanderlings

Dave and Cands, simply put, two singular epic humans that have combined forces in love and in music and are now sharing their epicness with the rest of the world.

The first combined effort of Blue and Bordeux, Wanderlings, is now available on iTunes (links below) .

Blue and Bordeaux
Blue and Bordeaux

Do yourself a favour and check it out, from what iv already heard,  its sure to be an album that will loop over and over again.

show some McLoving !!

Utopia Music Festival 2013

The first ever Utopia Music Festival, held over the Freedom Day weekend ( 26-28 April ) at Nekkies, just outside of Cape Town looked to be an amazing weekend. The lineup, venue and the weather looked pretty solid to deliver what could be an amazing experience for all that attended.

I arrived pretty early on Friday afternoon, one of the first 20 or so campers to pull into the separately allocated area. Being a “work day” for most people I gathered that the masses would either arrive later that evening or early Saturday to enjoy a day at the river and some good food, comedy and of course the music(again, a line up that couldnt really go wrong) !

6pm rolled on, time to check out McGee at the main stage, passing the BOS tent where some acoustic vibes were happening, hung out there for a track or two then carried on my mission towards the main stage.
Was pretty shocked to see about 20 people mulling around the main stage, again I put this down to “working day, they on their way” , McGee and the rest of the acts that evening all performed to a crowd of around the same amount of people. I kinda felt bad for the event organisers and the bands, even though they all handled it like pro’s, their shows were tight, interaction with the crowd that was right up there and the sound was good, no faulting that at all.

Saturday pretty much followed suite on Fridays vibe, not as many people pulled through as I thought were going to.
Again the bands at the main Phoenix stage played to a handful of listeners throughout the day, Al Bairre getting the crowd moving about around mid day, things were looking a bit livelier than Friday night but the “mass” only really getting together for aKing at 8pm.

I had to roll out after aKings set unfortunately but The Plastics, Fokof (scheduled to play Friday night obviously moved due to crowd numbers) Desmond and the Tutu’s and Zaki Ibrahim seemed to have a decent crowd lined up to play to !

This event definitely has heaps of potential, the staff hired for the event, all friendly and helpful, food stalls were great and the entire layout and concept was solid.

Also, hearing that there was another well established outdoor trance festival (Jungala) over the same weekend and Afrika Burn happening the very next week I think people may have been tentative to dabble in a relatively new festival or to do both Utopia and the Burn.

Well done to the guys at Utopia Music Festival and Hype for starting something that has a great potential, looking forward to the next one.

Rad Stuff Vol.15

visual simuli … all off the net, figured Id start theming the RadVol’s a bit.

being about 30% ink, I thought Id start with a tattoo inspired post, so here we go..
check out the link under the images visit the artists page.

All material owned by this lass, bhbettie “deviant art id”


Just a little side note, with respect to any artist, (as she also states on her page) and a bit of common sense really, dont hustle hard work and get it forever merged with your epidermis, be original. hope you enjoyed.