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Wine has had a history of being served as an accompaniment to food. The early history of wine has it origins as another dietary staple and drink that was often safer to drink than the local water supply. There isn’t a lot of evidence that much thought was given to pairing certain foods to particular wines and in all likelihood whatever wine was available was used. As culinary traditions in regions developed, so too did local wine making tradition. Many “classic” pairings seen today emerged from the centuries old relationship between a region’s food and their wines. 

In modern times, the popularity and interest in food and wine pairings has increased substantially. There is easy access to print publications and media dedicated to food and wine pairing the perfect wine with the perfect dish. In the restaurant industry, there is often a dedicated individual or staff of sommeliers who are trained to recommend wine pairings with the restaurant’s menu.  Winemakers now emphasize the kind of food dishes that their wines would go well with. Food magazines began to suggest particular wines with recipes.

Locally fine dining restaurants are taking to this trend and often have staff trained on pairing the best wine with the food offered.

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Some restaurants you may consider if you like the thought of pairing the perfect wine to your cuisine:

Kiplings Brasserie Restaurant | Eastern Cape | +27 (0)41 507 9452
The Foodbarn | Noordhoek+27 (0)21 789 1390
The Greenhouse | Constantia+27 (0)21 794 2137
La Mouette | Sea point+27 (0)21 433 0856
Fusion World Food Café | Durban | +27 (0)31 202 6182
Five Hundred at The Saxon | Johannesburg | +27 (0)11 292 6000

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