About us

Established in 2010 by 2 guys that shared the love for live music and good venues while chatting over a few draughts one night.
It took a while to come up with a name, and noeyedeer just seemed to stick, and so, noeyedeer was born.

Soon after its inception we enlisted the help of another like minded person. and so the 3 of us started throwing ideas around.
Our backgrounds include everything from Graphic Design, Signage, Sound Engineering, Photography, Videography and a whole host of other abilities.

Our aim, initially is/was to cover and promote local music and music venues/festivals and general entertainment etc.
We soon saw that there was a definite opportunity to provide other services to and for bands and artists as well as venues, from signage to photography and marketing.

We have also been showing interest in alternative sports, such as surfing, bmxing, motocross, rally and so on.

So give us a shout, and have a chat sometime… We’d love to help out wherever we can

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